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Nao [userpic]

Because I got a paid account on Dreamwidth, they sent me two more invites to hand out.

This means I have four, now three definitely available to give away. wayman, do you still need an invite?

If you would like an invite, I can either give it to you in a private message through LJ (if you have an LJ), or by sending you an email, in which case you'll need to leave your address in a comment to this post. Comments are screened for your privacy. I've unlocked this post on LJ and restored comments.

If you know someone who'd like an invite, please feel free to send them my way.

Nao [userpic]

For several reasons, the least private of which is that I have become more and more dissatisfied with LJ for the last few years, I've decided to switch where I'm going to keep my journal. I'd been edging in that direction for awhile, and have recently been presented with an alternative which really makes me excited and happy: Dreamwidth Studios.

Dreamwidth is using a fork of the LJ open source code, with a lot (and I mean a lot) of bug fixes and interface improvements. They're still in beta, but one of the most obvious differences is to eliminate the "friends" terminology and separate it into two functions: a list of journals you read, and a list of journals you give access to your locked entries. They have a list of changes from LJ on their wiki.

The way they've set up the business and guiding principles please me - among other things, they're not going to be accepting ads and have committed to transparency and free speech.

I'm equally impressed by their commitment to a number of progressive actions: they are working very hard to make the code and documentation more accessible to the disabled; people can declare in their profiles that they are male, female, other, or undisclosed; they have a diversity statement that I can really get behind; they auctioned off a permanent paid account for the (Wis)Con or Bust: Fans of Color Assistance Project. (They are also one of very few (maybe two?) open source organizations where the majority of the coders are women.)

They're idealists.

So I poked around over there using the OpenID that comes with an LJ (when they ask for an OpenID, put in your LJ address; this is mine:; you might have an OpenID with other blogging services. Just on a whim, I verified an email address there to be associated with my OpenID access to DW. I was quite startled when I was therefore randomly sent an invite code at a point when they wanted to test having more stress added to the system.

I have set up an account over there using a different username and I have imported my LJ entries over there (and am going through and locking some of them). I will be posting the information shortly in a locked post; if you have my email address and want to know where to find it, send me an email.

I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll be doing with this journal. I suspect that I'm going to friends lock all my entries in about a month's time and just use it to follow my friends list. I don't plan on deleting it.

ETA2: Actually, I've figured out a new plan. More details in a forthcoming locked post.

ETA: If I understand things correctly, anyone who has used an OpenID to log in to Dreamwidth and verified an email address will be sent an invitation for an account when the site enters open beta on April 30.

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